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What is important to know about Chinese crested dogs?

Unlike others, I do not want to start analyzing the stardards of this breed, because it has been done already by many people and we can find any information on the Internet (e.g. about tendency to different illnesses, tooth problems, etc.). I would like to concentrate on the physical, mental, behavioral characteristics, special needs and usability.

This breed is often misjudged, because it is more than a social dog. In spite of its hairless body and small size it can be taken out to forests, lakeshores or other green areas. Its adaptable nature makes it an ideal pet for those who live a busy life with work and family and do not always have time for longer dog walkings. This dog is also great companion for lovers of active sport and nature. It can be applied for any dog sport, e.g. agility, but these dogs have also been trained for bomb seeking and dog dancing as well. As for its demands, feeding of this dog does not vary from any other breed, and its costs are measure-proportioned.

However, hair grooming can be a bit of a challenge. The hairy variant (powder puff) requires frequent combing and regular dipping, but we can cut it bald as well. The hairless version can be divided into three types (true-, medium- and hairy hairless), which also require weekly care, meaning cutting and dipping. We do not have to wander about with 30 factor sunmilk in our purse, but during winter clothes are sufficient.